Catharsis (2009) was co-created by artist Liubo Borissov and violinist Maja Cerar.  It is the third piece in a trilogy, preceded by Autopoiesis (2003) and Mimesis (2007). Catharsis is an interactive work in which a computer tracks the motion and audio of an improvising violinist and reacts by projecting continuously evolving designs and images.

Catharsis reflects philosophical explorations of the intricacies of the relationship between the inner and outer worlds of art and the artist as a mediator between realities. It is an expression of the inner world of the artist, transmitted outwardly through movement, sound and image. Catharsis is presented as a structured improvisation in which the performer is illuminated by a projection, serving simultaneously as costume, decor and contra-punctual visual form driving the narrative arc of the piece. The form comes to life through real-time analysis and interpretation of the sound and movement of the performer. In turn, it is a live score and conductor guiding the performer through the construct of the piece.