Inanna performance

Inanna is a evening-length multimedia "concert play," premiered in a series of performances in September, 2009 in Zürich, Switzerland.  The work is a collaboration with composer Douglas Geers, director Mirjam Neidhart, and actress Beren Tuna.

combines narrative and drama with the musicial virtuosity of a concerto.  The work depicts vivid scenes of the Inanna epic fragments, some of the earliest literature known to mankind, originating in the land known today as Iraq, stories that resonate strongly with the later writings of the Old Testament of the Bible.

Creative team included Douglas Geers, composer; Mirjam Neidhart, writer/director; Maja Cerar, violin; Beren Tuna, actress; Claudia Tolusso and Ruth Mächler, visual design; Kristin Vodusek, asistant director; Myriam Zdini, dramaturgy; Eva Wishnitzky, production; Stefan Marti, light design; Marc Wishnitzky, graphics.

Inanna performancespaceInanna performance

Photos: Tanja Dorendorf, T+T Fotografie