Mimesis performanceMimesis (2007) was co-created by artist Liubo Borissov and violinist Maja Cerar.  It is the second piece in a trilogy, preceded by Autopoiesis (2003) and followed by Catharsis (2009). Mimesis is an interactive work in which an improvising violinist controls a computer-projected video avatar.

The idea for Mimesis arose from a continuing fascination for the difference, distance, and tension between reality, its projection, and its ideal, and the question of where each of these resides.  In Mimesis, this question is played out in an interaction between a physical figure and its manifestation on a flat screen.  Each of the two versions of the figure "speaks" in its own way, one through sound and the other through visual self-transformation.  Their reciprocity intensifies in a channel of communication they discover having in common: the movement of their "bodies" and a certain likeness in visual appearance.  Challenged by parameters that restrict each figure's facility of movement differently, they nevertheless attempt to engage in a dance-like exchange, a kind of virtual puppetry, a coming closer to each other by a growing mutual control that remains real only as an illusion.

Mimesis was premiered as part of an invited performance at the 2007 SIGGRAPH Conference in San Diego, California.