Laugh Perfumes performance
  Violin concerto by Douglas Geers, premiered by and with choreography by Maja Cerar.  
Mimesis performance photo
Multimedia work created by Liubo Borissov and Maja Cerar. Interactive performance of solo violin, controlling live visual avatar. 
Sweep performance photo
Concerto for violin with percussion and Wiimote orchestra. 
Autopoiesis performance image
Multimedia work created by Liubo Borissov and Maja Cerar for violin, electroluminescent wire, live video, and sound synthesis/processing.
Calling image
Opera by Douglas Geers and Wickham Boyle.

Arrow and a Fall performance image
Multimedia work by Edisa Weeks and Liubo Borissov, including solo violin performance, dance, and interaction with live video.
Inanna performance image
Multimedia "concert play" by Douglas Geers, composer, and Mirjam Neidhart, writer/director.
Appliance performance image
Performance installation of interactive electromechanical sculptures, solo violin, and electroacoustic music, created by Thomas Charveriat, Maja Cerar, and Douglas Geers.  
Gilgamesh performance image
70-minute multimedia theater work by Douglas Geers, Anne Lorenz, and Mirjam Neidhart, for solo violin, electroacoustic music, and actor. 
Catharsis performance photo
Multimedia work created by Liubo Borissov and Maja Cerar. Live violin performance controls interactive video synthesis and projection.
Mutatis   Mutandis  
Mutatis Mutandis performance image
Multimedia realization of Herbert Brün graphic score by Liubo Borissov and Maja Cerar.  
Overtime/Trio performance image
Choreographed performance for solo violin and dancers by Keith Moore and Malene Schjønning.  
Graph Theory  
Graph Theory image
Internet-based audience-interactive work for solo violin by Jason Freeman.
A Story for   

Story for Four Seasons performance image
Staged performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons with simultaneous theatrical drama, written and directed by Hansjörg Betschart.  
Sonreel album cover image
Improvisatory electroacoustic ensemble. Member and co-composer.  
Biology video image
Algorithmically-created violin/video work by R. Luke Dubois.