Mutatis Mutandis

This work was commissioned in 2004 by the Kentler International Drawing Space (Brooklyn) for a concert and symposium dedicated to the Graphics, Music, and Writings of Herbert Brün.

Brün describes Mutatis Mutandis as a series of "compositions for interpreters ... ink graphics drawn by a plotter under control of a computer programmed by the composer ... the interpreter is invited to begin contemplating a graphic as traces left by a process which moved a pen in various directions across the plane. This process has been composed by the composer ... The interpreter is not asked to improvise. The interpreter is asked not to improvise. The interpreter is asked to compose."

Borissov and Cerar's interpretation creates an interactive audiovisual entity from sound and graphics, which in its enactment leaves a trace that, in passing, embraces a particular Brün score.  The sound of the violin drives (via real-time analysis) elements of the graphics (also generated in real-time), while they in return dictate compositional decisions for the violinist.  The result is a symbiotic relationship between sound and image from the earliest stages of the planning of the interpretation to its dramatic realizations.  They deconstructed the original score and rebuilt it from its visual atoms, each of which structurally similar to the whole, governed by graphic algorithms decoded from Mutatis Mutandis 355 (1) seed 111111.

Borissov and Cerar thank Keith Moore and Michael Kowalski for the opportunity and challenge to peer inside a composer's mind and borrow Brün¹s ideas and instructions in order to express what they imagine as one potential implication of what he communicates through his work.