The very emotional performance of Maja Cerar creates its own,
powerfully immediate, associative realm.

Neue Zuricher Zeitung

Standout performance

Electric Shock
New York recital with novel effects: sassy, bluesy and glittering.
The Strad

A young violinist who perks your ears.
Musik und Theater

Cerar’s playing is consistently a joy to behold.

Violin soloist Maja Cerar was terrific,
performing with charisma and rock
sure technique.
New Music Connoisseur

Maja Cerar herself became the instrument...
C250 Now

Concert violinist Maja Cerar [...] carries the day with her openness,
sharp mind, dedication, and immense energy.

The effect was fascinating and beautifully eerie, thanks much
to the wonderfully expressive violin playing of Maja Cerar.
Times Argus

Excellent violin technique and broad knowledge are Maja Cerar’s strong points. Able to rely on her profound musical sensibility she elaborates personal interpretations of the most familiar, and therefore even more challenging, repertoire.

Maja Cerar’s music making has great depth. She listens to her inner self and generates subtle tones even in the softest tonal registers. Experiencing such extremes was an adventure.
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Her exceptional talent lies in her musical, intellectual and emotional capabilities, which she translates into music in an immediate way.

More important, though than her technical expertise, which alone is already astonishing, is her sound creative power, her penetration into the spirit of the composition.
Der Landbote

The violinist Maja Cerar is an unusual talent. Phrasing, articulation, rhythmic and dynamic differentiation appears to be given to her by nature.
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Her intense expression was captivating. The name of this highly profiled violinist has to be remembered.
Der Landbote

Once more the young violinist Maja Cerar amazed her audience in the Kongresshaus Zurich.
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Logical and musical, sovereign and communicative, independent in her artistic conviction yet flexible in her playing, this is the profile of violinist Maja Cerar.

With her performance the young artist proved that she has all elite qualities of a violinist.

One admired the temperamental yet relaxed playing, which astonished one, as did her secure sense of style.
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

The playing of the soloist Maja Cerar fascinates in every aspect – a pure musical pleasure.
Basler Zeitung

Highly promising and extraordinary talent.
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

The young artist’s serious personal power of interpretation of in Müller’s technically enormously demanding violin concerto and her virtuosity combined with instrumental eloquence in the violin concerto by Saint-Saens were stunning. The applause did not want to end.
Anzeiger des Wahlkreises Thalwil

A serious musician, sovereign and elegant.